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  • SummerMusicFestivals

    It’s that time of year! Summer Music Festivals!

    Yes Yes Yes! Summer concerts are here and lineups are coming out left and right all over the country! What concerts are you looking forward to this summer? We’ve listed a few of our favorites – and yes we love those three day, camping, festival adventures! Check back for more lineup info and festival news!

  • summertunes_cassette

    Music: The Lucky One’s Top 10 Summer Jams!

    It is hot hot hot! Heading to the beach? Why not bring this edition of The Mix Tape with you. We put together our Top 10 favorite summer jams! So whether you are cruising with the windows down, pool-side or laying out on the sand turn up these jams… Find this featured playlist under Music on The Lucky Ones Magazine!

  • Theluckyonesblog

    All In: Author Discussion

    Every month an author will pick a topic to discuss. This topic can range from current events to what are the top 10 things you would pack if you had to move to another planet. We hope these questions will get you talking to eachother, to those around you, and hey leave a comment or two just for us!

  • tlodicefeatured


    What are the stakes? Who’s taking home the big money? The Lucky Ones Showcase is a place for us to share upcoming events, news, and things you should know!

  • TLOnesfeatured

    The Lucky Ones Digital Magazine

    Occurring by chance, having or bringing good fortune, presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in signs of success.

The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones is a synergetic digital magazine. Through our experiences, we have truly come to understand what it means to be “lucky.”
The Lucky Ones — an eclectic group of friends who may not have the winning hand in every round but that doesn’t matter because, together, we’re not afraid to go all in.


Let it go.

Let it Go. ReeseOreo’s blog on Self gives us some tips on how to “let it go” and move past upsetting events or moments in our life.


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